About me

I am the first contact for new customers and a strategy developer.

My tasks:

I create and implement comprehensive business plans that will contribute to the success of a company. My primary task in day-to-day business is to develop communication solutions for our customers. As a strategic mouthpiece, I coordinate our daily processes and create communication that sells.

Whether digital or analog, I attach great importance to the orientation towards our norms and values, which are based above all on thoroughness, appreciation, and respectful cooperation.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is also important to me. I consider cooking together based on a “clean” diet, fair wages and observance of rest periods to be essential for productive coexistence.

Academic experience / educational path:

Master: Marketing and Communication at FOM University Düsseldorf

Bachelor: International Business at FOM University Essen

Bachelor: Economics at TU-Dortmund (University)

A-Levels: Max Planck Gymnasium Dortmund (High school)

Practical experience:

I have been self-employed since I was 6 years old. Starting with a swing school in my parents’ garden, but obviously I didn’t start my “real” working career until 10 years later with temporary jobs alongside high school. In addition to activities in the gastronomy, call center, advertising agencies and as an artist manager, I got to know professional life from all perspectives and, in particular, spent a lot of time working as a brand representative and sales promoter at the POS (point of sale). With my study focus on marketing and my part-time job at the POS, my business idea of founding my company developed.

My goal: To develop contemporary sale-strategies for the POS world through the unique combination of online and offline communication. From the POS, I would like to create a POX (Point of Experience).


New things are where the magic happens … I am not afraid of new tasks.

I like to make difficult decisions and juggle myself in an uncomplicated and solution-oriented manner through my responsibility for the well-being of my team and my customers. My interest always begins where I recognize uncertainty. I’m not a fan of quick solutions, but regarding solutions, I am rather an endurance runner and athlete with the aim of doing my best every day. Both privately and professionally, reliability, consistency and consequence are essential for me.

I am curious, open-minded, willing to learn, a lover of individualities, strong opinions, self-reflectiveness, digitally intuitive, stress-resistant and always optimizing.

I create your identity!


Ms./Fr. Oxana Lauer
Managing Partner

BPP Best Practice Promotion GmbH
Cimbernstraße 27a
40545 Düsseldorf